• Question: what was your best day at work?

    Asked by ehodge1 to Claire, Elizabeth, Manolis, Mark, Zach on 14 Mar 2014.
    • Photo: Mark Wallace

      Mark Wallace answered on 14 Mar 2014:

      When we saw something new that no one else had seen before.

    • Photo: Zach Dixon

      Zach Dixon answered on 14 Mar 2014:

      I haven’t got an absolute favorite, but my best days are when everything goes to plan and my experiments work out nicely 🙂

    • Photo: Claire Vinten

      Claire Vinten answered on 14 Mar 2014:

      My best day at work was when I went to a conference about using fake human parts to teach doctors! I got to look at gross models all day, talk to lots of people and even try using them myself. There was also a party that night (yes, scientists like to hold parties when we all get together to share work).

    • Photo: Elizabeth Ratcliffe

      Elizabeth Ratcliffe answered on 14 Mar 2014:

      Hhhmm its really difficult to choose, one of my most memorable 24 hours was when I was travelling for my work.
      I started my day in Seattle and took a cab to a meeting, the cabbie was amazing and gave me a great overview of Seattle (as I was only there for a few hours and would spend most of the time in meetings). Seattle is one of the fastest growing US cities, its on the coast and has a rich music history, as you drive in the city is on one side of the road and there is a sprawling lake and an active volcano on the other side! (though it hasn’t erupted for years). It is an amazing sight – here is a picture to give an idea

      While I was there I visited the world leading Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre ( https://www.fhcrc.org/en.html ) and met some amazing scientists and had some really great meetings. They are doing ground breaking work for cancer patients and they allow the patients to come and visit the labs and the people who make the therapies – this is fantastic for the patients to see how it all works but it is also so inspiring for the researchers and all the workers no matter what their job is. They all have their role to play and they get to see the end result – people whose lives have been saved walking and talking to them in their labs – thats really powerful!
      After a long day of meetings I flew back to the UK through the night to the hustle and bustle of central London and travelled back home to my family – there’s nothing like walking through your own front door after a bit of globe trotting! it was an amazing 24h of travel and fabulous science and it made me appreciate the opportunities I experience and how precious the support of people around you can be